Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skyrockets in flight

First of all, thank you to everyone who has already wished me a happy birthday! Usually my birthdays are really low-key (I am so bad about remembering and celebrating other people's that I could not in good conscience make a big deal about my own). Thank you all for the well wishes via calls and voicemails, emails and e-cards, snail mail, text messages, Facebook posts, blog comments, and flowers and cards and gifts greeting me on my desk. I am feeling very loved today!

Matt and I both slept in a little this morning and then lingered over coffee and the Sunday newspaper (me, finally) and fantasy football stuff (him). Then he went to work and I scrubbed down the house, which I know sounds like a pitiful way to kick off a birthday, but I loved it. Now everything is clean and delicious-smelling. I even hung up some pictures I'd never gotten around to, did my post-Labor Day clothes switch-out and vacuumed the porch (you read that right. It's a brilliant idea, one I don't know why I'd never had before).

The Skyrockets
Last night was our fantasy football draft. I am not gonna lie, I was really nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach before we started and warned each of the guys individually beforehand not to laugh at me if I made a stupid pick. Thankfully, it was much easier than I expected.

Basically, I printed out a cheat sheet, which divided up all the players by position and then ranked them. And then I read this love/hate article, which was one guy's opinion on which players were under- or over-rated. I went through the cheat sheet and highlighted his loves and hates and claimed them as my own (his gut feelings were obviously more well-reasoned and reliable than mine).

Next, Matt "helped me" figure out what general order I should pick my players in (by position), and about how many of each position made sense after filling my starting lineup. For example, I didn't know backup running backs were so much more important than backup quarterbacks. I felt guilty that he helped me with this but he swore he wasn't doing anything he hadn't done for Stephen last year. (Plus I heard Jacob going over the same thing with Chad right before the draft last night.)

Then, during the draft, I basically picked the best available player for whatever position I needed that round, but I skipped anyone on the hate list and occasionally reached for someone on the love list. It went well and I ended up with a good team, until they all get hurt or arrested, anyway.


Libba Lemon said...

Hey babe, sorry for the flaky message! Can't wait to celebrate with you TOMORROW!!

Ally said...

Yeah for the good birthday! I hope you enjoy the rest of your big day:)

Happy birthday!

r8chel said...

Happy Birthday! :)