Friday, July 25, 2008

Springsteen in the background

Just a short post while we're waiting on a few more people from North Carolina to arrive. As I write this Matt and Todd are watching a DVD of a Bruce Springsteen concert -- it's a ritual they seem compelled to perform every time they're together for more than a few hours.

This morning we slept in, then Matt and I went to get coffee and bagels while Rhonda worked from home. Todd, meanwhile, was showing up unannounced at a radio station with another of his band members and doughnuts in an effort to get tonight's show announced on air and maybe some of their music played. (It worked.) The strategy reminded me of our moving day back in December.

When Todd got back, he and Matt went to the neighborhood's basketball court and I went for a short run. There are trails behind a lot of the houses around here, similar to the greenways in Cary. None of them are longer than a quarter-mile or so, but they were shady and fine for an easy run.


Amanda said...

Bruce Springsteen.

I'm just shaking my head.

That reminds me of a funny and embarrassing story. Maybe I'll tell you sometime.

Kaitlin said...

I looove Bruce Springsteen.

jennifer said...

Amanda: "Maybe" you'll tell me? No. My curiousity's aroused.

Kate: You should! Weren't you conceived at a Springsteen concert?

Renee said...


This has nothing to do with Bruce Springsteen, but just had to write. At this very moment, I am using my self cleaning feature on my oven for the very first time (YUCK). I know what you mean about the smell!

Kaitlin said...

oh boy, i forgot i told you that story! at least that's the family lore. haha. =)