Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pleasantly surprised

Dear Stein Mart,

I’m writing to say thank you for the excellent customer service you extended to me this week.

I had bought some sunglasses at your store that broke just a couple of weeks later. On Monday I brought in the broken glasses with my receipt, hoping for store credit, but I had low expectations, especially since their breaking wasn’t your fault.

To my surprise, the two women at the customer-service desk offered me an exchange, which I declined (I’d already replaced them), so they refunded my money. There was no hassle, the employees were exceptionally pleasant, and the entire transaction took less than five minutes. It reflected really well on your store and its management, and I've been giving you free word-of-mouth advertising ever since.

I wish I had gotten the names of the two women who helped me, but I didn’t. If you can find out who was working the customer-service desk at 10 a.m. on May 5, I hope you’ll tell them how much I appreciate the way they treated me.


r8chel said...

Did you send this to the store? I hope so! :)

jennifer said...

Yes! I always send the letters I write, whether they're complimentary or critical.

Kathy Lussier said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing them with the world! We're proud of the great customer service you received and would love to recognize the associates involved. Can you tell me what store you visited? Thanks! Kathy Lussier with Stein Mart.

jennifer said...

Hi, Kathy,

The store is located at 10564 US 15/501 in Southern Pines, N.C. Please do recognize the associates if possible!

Thanks for your comment!

P.S. How in the world did you find this post?

Kathy Lussier said...

It came up on a google blog alert I had set up. I love your "list" idea, too. You've inspired me to start "making a list" something I can put on my list! HA! :)