Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beach bound

I did it! I talked Matt into leaving for the beach tonight. Whereas the pre-Memorial Day Outer Banks week didn't happen this year (people are getting married and saving their money), and whereas our sixth wedding anniversary is Sunday, I thought at least a long weekend was in order. It wasn't easy -- that boy sometimes has quite the guilty conscience -- but everyone helped me persuade him. We're going down tonight, and Carrie and Jacob and Stephen are joining us tomorrow night through Monday.

Matt and I had big plans for our anniversary -- Maine and Nova Scotia -- but we've decided to postpone that trip until late summer or fall. The weather will be more predictable at that time of year and our bank account will have had more time to recover from our house closing. Actually, it was the post-closing out-of-pocket expenses that got us -- blinds, landscaping, some new furniture, etc. Houses are expensive!

Nothing sounds better than the beach to me right now, anyway. Four days of lying in the hot sand, eliminating my pasty whiteness, reading to my heart's content, listening to an iPod full of Amanda and Betsy's awesome mixes, eating junk food, running it off with beach runs near dusk, Memorial Day sales at the outlets ... bring it on.


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Kaitlin said...

yay!! have fun! go running barefoot for me. =)

Katie said...

Hope you guys have a blast! Happy Anniversary!