Saturday, March 15, 2008

Top 30 memories from my college years

In no particular order ...

1. The huge snowstorm of 2000. Classes were canceled for a week (for the first time since the Civil War), all the dorms in our quad had a massive snowball fight, we never lost electricity because our dorms had generator backup, the yearbook staff pulled an all-nighter to make a deadline, and at the end of the week, all the on-campus students got to go to the UNC-Maryland game since the snow prevented so many ticket holders from getting there. (This was one of the best weeks of my life.)

2. Halloween on Franklin Street. Every year.

3. Eating chicken fingers and drinking sweet tea at Sutton's with Maegan.

4. Sitting in the Pit between classes, people-watching or listing to the Pit Preacher or just loving life.

5. Camping out for UNC-Duke tickets, watching us win, and celebrating on Franklin Street.

6. Finally meeting Lib, immediately clicking, and staying up all night talking in the stairwell.

7. Giving campus tours to high school students and their parents.

8. The intensity of exam weeks, with marathon study sessions, loads of caffeine and great relief when they were over.

9. The TTA.

10. Claiming the Robinsons as my surrogate family.

11. The last two weeks of every semester, when everyone with a meal ticket treated all of their friends to meals since they didn't carry over.

12. Running on trails all over Chapel Hill.

13. Getting the Dow Jones internship.

14. Playing intramural volleyball.

15. Every single journalism class, especially those taught by Chuck Stone.

16. Doing Tae-Bo with Meredith et al.

17. Running steps at the track at night.

18. Teaching the 3-year-olds class Thursday mornings at CHBC.

19. Staying up laaate, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the 2000 Gore/Bush election.

20. Knowing how to get around the parking police.

21. Drinking water from the Old Well and Maple View Farm chocolate milk in glass bottles.

22. Riding in a big van to Panama City Beach, Fla., for spring break freshman year.

23. Weekend retreats with Crusade.

24. Hearing the bell tower while walking to class.

25. Singing "Hark the Sound" after games.

26. Hall bathooms and the shower caddies and rubber flip-flops they required (didn't love them at the time, but now I'm nostalgic about them).

27. Flipping through a new Week by Week every year.

28. Living in Connor dorm with Holly sophomore year.

29. Hearing Jonathan Kozol speak.

30. Discovering Church of the Good Shepherd.

(This list started out as a Top 10 ... and I could keep going ... but we're walking out the door to Kaitlin's St. Patrick's Day party!)

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