Wednesday, March 5, 2008

20 pieces of Day 5 randomness

1. I'm not feeling this blog today.
2. I just met with some Girl Scout leaders and they gave us four boxes of free cookies.
3. The Caramel DeLites taste as good as Somoas to me, despite the uproar about the change.
4. I'm really excited about the birth of a new Greaves creature.
5. Matt and I are going to Acadia National Park and Nova Scotia for our anniversary the last week of May.
6. Travelocity's last-minute packages have spoiled me and I now feel that I want to wait until May 22 to book this trip, which is impractical on every level.
7. We're having a girls night at the Jefferson Inn tonight because it's half-price martinis night.
8. I have to buy something green for Kaitlin and Vinny's St. Patrick's Day party, or else I'll have to stay on the porch with the dog, so they say.
9. My letters order is at a standstill because Michael's is out of two of the letters I need.
10. I have eaten five Caramel DeLites since starting this list. (I told you they were good.)
11. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day full of a lot of fun stuff and one meeting I'm dreading.
12. Our office is out of Cokes so I had to buy one at the laundromat.
13. Matt gave me the "Juno" soundtrack for Valentine's Day and I have not stopped listening to it in my car since.
14. I think I can tell a difference in how strong I am after a month of twice-weekly Body Pump classes.
15. I got the cutest shoes ever yesterday at Monkee's marked down from $65 to $13.
16. I'm wearing them today and they are killing my feet, but they're still so cute.
17. Last night we had some crazy rain and wind and I was sure we'd lose some trees or at least some shingles.
18. At one point I heard a train whistle and freaked out, but Matt told me it was a real train, not a tornado.
19. Matt just came in to eat a fake Somoa and said, "These don't look right," then he tried it and said, "I like it. It tastes basically the same. Is there a difference?"
20. The last list item is always the hardest.

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