Sunday, March 2, 2008

20 things I should be doing right now

1. Sweeping the whole house
2. Folding four loads of clean clothes in order to free up two laundry baskets so I can carry four loads of dirty clothes to the laundry room
3. Scrubbing the glass in the shower
4. Marinating chicken for dinner tonight
5. Drinking water instead of sweet tea
6. Trying to persuade Matt to spend a couple of hours with me organizing our garage or at least the closet under the stairs
7. Sitting on the porch (it's a gorgeous day!)
8. Working on letters for the Apex lady
9. Reading newspapers from the past four days
10. Changing our newspaper subscription from daily to weekends-only
11. Emailing Steve C. about Dad's retirement party
12. Posting updated details about Dad's retirement party on the secret blog for attendees
13. Calling Melissa
14. Returning about a dozen emails
15. Filing a claim in the diamonds class action settlement
16. Planting bulbs around our mailbox
17. Picking up pinecones in our yard
18. Running the dishwasher
19. Putting together a spring load for the consignment store
20. Touch-painting our end tables

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