Monday, March 3, 2008

20 reasons I'm thankful for today

1. It's the 12th anniversary of when Matt and I started dating.
2. It's the first anniversary of Mom's liver transplant.
3. It's Carrie and Jacob's first wedding anniversary.
4. It's my half-birthday.
5. It's Amanda and Stephen's 2.5-year wedding anniversary.
6. I have a closing this afternoon.
7. The high today is going to be in the 70s.
8. I ate breakfast on the porch this morning.
9. The gorgeous weather means we're probably going to walk to lunch and eat outside.
10. After work I'm going to have a long trail run in shorts and short sleeves.
11. We get to get dressed up and have a nice date tonight in celebration of our dating anniversary.
12. Daylight Saving Time is less than a week away.
13. We decided where we think we want to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary, in May, and are about to start planning that trip.
14. Our tenant paid rent on time.
15. I ended up doing 12 of the 20 things from yesterday's list.
16. I found the missing lens of my sunglasses wedged between my car seat and the center console, just in time for a sunny day.
17. Stephen and Carrie are both out of the office today so I can listen to my music without worrying about bothering them.
18. We have fun stuff coming up for the next six weekends.
19. My cell phone contract ran out on March 1 so I can get a new phone that might hold a charge more than 15 minutes at a time (whether that's really a good thing is debatable).
20. Today was not a 5:15 a.m. Body Pump day.

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Libba Lemon said...

Happy anniversary! I think March is a great month for anniversaries (of course). Have fun tonight - where are y'all going?