Tuesday, March 18, 2008

17 green things I like

So yesterday was St. Patrick's Day ... and I totally missed the boat on this one. Oh well. Here we go, a day late:

1. Grass
2. Green Grass (as in this blog)
3. My scrubs that I wear as pajama pants
4. My $5 gym bag from Old Navy
5. The shoes Kaitlin just got at Old Navy
6. Recycling bins
7. Cash
8. Lib's "emerald" ring
9. Carrie's pea coat
10. Sharpie markers
11. Green tea
12. Romaine lettuce
13. Vlasic pickles
14. The Sandhills Striders logo
15. Christmas trees
16. The rug in our foyer
17. Green apples with caramel

1 comment:

Libba Lemon said...

Bethany just got some super cute green shoes from Old Navy too. Makes me want some! My green velvety ones are almost worn out.

I love green. I think I could make a list for every basic color except purple & pink.