Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend part 1

Friday night Kaleigh and Trevor, Melissa's kids, spent the night with us. Fun times! These are the only pictures I took, but I missed some good opportunities, such as when Kaleigh pranced up to me wearing the holely oversized T-shirt she slept in and some three-inch heels she found in my closet.
Kaleigh (looking at a crescent moon): Look at the moon! Do you think someone broke it?

Trevor: Are you a sister or an aunt?
Kaleigh: You look so pretty! Are you pregnant?

Kaleigh (checking out the upstairs bathroom): Whoa! No fat person could fit in here!

Trevor: I love you, Jennifer. You're the best! (Ceremoniously kisses both of my hands.)

I love these kids!


Amanda said...

Too cute!! Those are so awesome.

Libba Lemon said...

They are SOOO Mel and SOOO cute!