Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can't complain

Matt, Jacob, Stephen, Carrie and I spent Tuesday afternoon walking the lots in a neighborhood our company and another builder are developing. We're picking lots two at a time and it's harder and more complicated than we first thought. You find yourself not wanting to "waste" a pick on a lot the other builder isn't going to pick anyway. Then you torture yourself if you read him wrong and he does pick it.

If you think about it too hard it can make you a little crazy. Just ask Matt -- as soon as he informs the other builder of our picks for a round he IMMEDIATELY starts saying "Why did we pick those? What were we thinking? Stupid, stupid, stupid!" It's kind of funny. And it makes me newly appreciative of how decisive he was about marrying me.

A better method would have been to have one builder divide up the lots into what he believed to be equal portions and the other builder choose which half he wanted. That's the best way to divide anything equally (another thing I learned from Matt). But it's much easier to apply to a pizza than to property.

ANYway, Tuesday afternoon we were walking around trying to find survey markers and eyeballing percability and talking strategy. Matt said, "This is what's great about our job. We're playing Fantasy Football but it's for real life."

On a related topic, I. love. the flexibility my job offers as far as my schedule. I was saying to Kaitlin the other day how much I can't imagine working 9-to-5. I SO appreciate being able to linger over lunch or meet people for coffee without watching the clock or spend a long weekend at the beach or leave early to make the 4:30 p.m. Body Pump. The flip side, of course, is that I work more nights and weekends than I would with a typical office job, but it's so worth it to me.

Yesterday Matt had an appointment with the allergy doctor45 minutes away. I moved a dentist appointment from the morning to the afternoon and rode with him. I almost finished "My Antonia" while I was waiting for him, then we ate at Boston Market (there was a 30-minute wait for chicken pot pies so I had to get a sandwich -- not recommended). The whole way home I kept thinking about how lucky we are.

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