Friday, February 29, 2008

20 reasons I like lists

It's NaBloPoMo in March. The theme is lists.

1. Any length is a fine length.
2. Checking off an item gives me a little rush.
3. They don't have to be well-written.
4. They are a nice mix of structure and creativity.
5. They help me organize my thoughts.
6. Dave Letterman's are funny.
7. They remind me what I need to do.
8. They remind me what I've done.
8. They keep me disciplined in the grocery store.
9. In a pinch, all I need is a pen and the back of my hand.
10. They offer the illusion of productivity.
11. They're easy reads.
12. They help me compare pros and cons.
13. It's fun to find them in my coat pockets a year later.
14. A witty title is neither required nor expected.
15. They're the only way to stay sane through a real estate closing.
16. They can be about any topic.
17. They keep my prayers focused.
18. They can have multiple authors.
19. A few bad list items don't ruin the whole list.
20. They are a snapshot of my everyday life.

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