Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frozen lasagna 101

I have a stupid cooking question, but then again maybe it's not so stupid, because I've asked my usual cooking resources for help and they don't know the answer either. If I were going to make a lasagna for someone to freeze and eat later, would I cook the lasagna and then freeze it for them, or just put it together, uncooked, and freeze it?

And in either case, how long should they cook it once they pull it out of the freezer? The recipe I usually make has to bake for about 45 minutes (unfrozen), but I think the frozen Stauffer's lasagnas need more like two hours.

People always talk about how easy it is to make and freeze multiple lasagnas and other casseroles, but I'm stumped. I've already looked online to no avail, although I'm sure the answer's out there somewhere. Please help!

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Libba Lemon said...

I freeze things uncooked, thaw and then cook like normal. It works well as long as I have enough time to thaw.