Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally, house pictures

Sorry it took me forever to take these. They wouldn't be up even now if I hadn't tried to pretend that today was a snow day by going into work an hour late.

The front of the house still looks really plain because we haven't done any landscaping. (We wouldn't be able to water it because of the drought.) It probably will look like this for a couple more months.

The foyer. As you walk in, the dining room is on the right and the office is on the left.

The office. We're looking for a rug to put in here but the couch and chair, both hand-me-downs, are hard to match.

The living room. I like the top angle, in which you can't see the TV. Although I'm getting used to the way it looks, and the other night I had to admit the picture is awesome. The French doors lead to the porch.

(I had to include a picture of our FOUR remotes.)

Our bedroom. The door in the back right corner leads to a room that right now I'm using for ironing. (In the old house, the ironing board was stationed in the bathtub.) Eventually it may serve as a baby room, sitting room or another closet.

Our bathroom.

The guest bedroom.

The hall bathroom.

The breakfast nook. This is the same table we used to have in our dining room, but we removed the leaf.

The kitchen. I LOVE how well our dishwasher works. Unloading it is no longer one of my least-favorite chores.

The half-bathroom.

The dining room. We decided not to splurge on the Restoration Harware table we love and instead got the much cheaper Pier 1 version.

The treadmill room.

The bonus room (above) and bathroom (below).

The house from behind.

The very cold-looking deck.

The porch.


Amanda said...

You already know this but I love it so much! I think the porch is my favorite part.

Lauren Greaves said...

Beautiful! xoxo

Libba Lemon said...

Love, love, love the pictures! I adore the bed & new dining room set and am very impressed with the placement of everything hanging on the walls. I can't believe how settled everything looks already!

Can't wait to see it in person soon!

Gail said...

It is beautiful. I am even more excited about seeing the house after these pictures.

Amanda said...

pretty new layout!

Libba Lemon said...

How did you get the half-bathroom picture in there? I have never figured out how to post pictures & put them in the order I want.

How do you like the granite so far?

jennifer said...

Lib - I just posted the half-bath picture as you would any other picture and then left-clicked on it and moved it down. But getting pictures in the order you want is definitely a pain on Blogger.

I like the granite, mostly because it disguises so well -- I don't wipe down the counters nearly as much as I used to. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Maegan Hemphill said...

I finally got a chance to go online today and check to see if you had any pics of the house up. I love it!! What a beautiful lay out! I can't wait to visit. Our calendars are empty for a while, so let us invite ourselves over soon. Love you, Mae

jennifer said...

maegan -- please invite yourselves over at any time, like tomorrow. i miss you!