Friday, December 14, 2007

A better buffet

Dear Aberdeen Pizza Hut,

Let me start by saying I think you have the best pizza in town. My mouth waters just thinking about a Supreme with a pan crust, and if this letter takes me long enough to write I’ll probably develop a craving and wind up ordering one for dinner tonight.

Big fan that I am, I often round up a few people from the office to eat at your lunch buffet. Unfortunately, the experience usually leaves us somewhat disappointed.

All too often we arrive to find unappealing, soggy remnants on the buffet. A typical spread might feature a pizza from the Lovers line, a dessert pizza and one with some random combination of toppings – ham and black olives, for instance. If and when a pepperoni pizza – the universal favorite! – does come out, all the hungry people who have been waiting for that moment get in line and sometimes it’s gone before everyone gets a slice.

When people pay for “all you can eat” buffets, they would like to be offered all they can eat of foods they actually want to eat.

So if I could offer just one suggestion for improving your lunch buffet, it would be this: Always have at least one pepperoni pizza on the buffet. And as soon as the last piece is eaten, bring out another one. Pepperoni pizza is popular with almost everyone. If you were to apply this simple principle and change nothing else, I think you would be shocked at how much happier your lunch crowds were.

One more thing. There usually is only one waitress covering the entire restaurant at lunchtime, but she’s great. She’s friendly and always remembers what my husband and I like to drink. I don’t know her name, but I hope you pay her well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you will seriously consider my suggestion to always have pepperoni pizza available on the buffet. Merry Christmas!


Jennifer Kirby

P.S. Your double-punch Mondays deal offers great value, and your breadsticks are delicious. However, are you using a new breadsticks recipe? They seem to taste a little rubbery lately, although not too rubbery to eat.

(With the mailing of this letter I'm checking off No. 24.)


Libba Lemon said...

Of course I love reading any and all letters, especially those written by you!

I can't wait to read their response.

Have I ever eaten there with you?

I miss you!

Just Jinny said...

Does your Pizza Hut also have a WingStreet in it?

We use to have a great buffet with a salad bar and everything before they remodeled and added the WingStreet.

Now, the buffet is about six feet long with a whole lot of nothing on it.