Thursday, December 6, 2007

100 things I learned from Matt

1. Cold air is conducive to good sleep.
2. Papa John's will never remember to send extra green packets of seasoning.
3. The key to a successful merge is to speed up to the flow of traffic.
4. You can't really learn to ski in the North Carolina mountains.
5. To some degree, everyone needs all five love languages.
6. Treat your parents with respect.
7. Sweatshirt blankets make great gifts.
8. Jewelry commercials are really awful ("Every kiss begins with Kay!") ...
9. ... But if you have DVR you'll never have to watch one again.
9. The world's best Bojangles' is on Western Boulevard in Raleigh.
10. There's a train analogy that is very helpful in understanding the theory of relativity and time travel.
11. Everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once.
12. Don't get involved in drama.
13. Raleigh's inner and outer beltlines have nothing to do with heading into or out of the city.
14. A soft answer turns away wrath.
15. There's no point in carrying pepper spray unless you also practice your aim with it.
16. A person's spelling ability is not necessarily a reliable indicator of his intelligence.
17. I like more Billy Joel songs than I'd like to admit.
18. If strawberries make your lips itch, you're probably also allergic to birch trees.
19. Adidas does not stand for "All day I dream about sex."
20. Never assume someone won't sue.
21. If you're particular about the way your laundry is done, do it yourself.
22. You don't have to like sports to like The Sports Guy (and Gal).
23. Before making a big purchase, research, research, research.
24. Save back issues of Consumer Reports.
25. Blue Nile is the best place to buy a diamond.
26. The left lane is for passing.
27. Love is a choice.
28. My life will be in jeopardy if I ever throw Matt a surprise party.
29. Your spouse cannot read your mind.
30. You probably can get away with wearing clothes more than once between washings.
31. You can read "Mere Christianity" over and over and learn something new every time.
32. A juicy kiss can instantly eliminate a bad mood.
33. When something electronic is acting up, restarting it usually solves the problem.
34. Don't freak out about things you can't control.
35. You can never have too much cheese.
36. A custom-made mix CD is the best thing to find in your mailbox.
37. Don't go for a run without telling someone where you're going and when you'll be back.
38. Let other people brag on you.
39. Everything is relative.
40. If you lose a prong of your engagement ring's four-prong setting, you're going to lose your diamond ...
41. ... So you might want to go for the six-prong setting.
42. If you ask for extra sauce after you get your food you won't get charged for it.
43. It's better to take a risk and fail than to not have tried at all.
44. PET ice cream is good, but not for making milkshakes.
45. Money is not the root of all evil.
46. Money cannot make you happy.
47. Know your own strengths and weaknesses.
48. You don't have to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Most cars can go 8,000 or more between changes.
49. Substituting regular sour cream for reduced-fat sour cream makes most recipes too watery.
50. If you want to drink less sweet tea, stop keeping a gallon of it in the refrigerator.
51. A major difference between men and women is men's ability to compartmentalize.
52. Enjoy the moment -- don't always be wishing for the next thing.
53. It's just wrong to make chocolate-chip cookies when there's no milk in the refrigerator.
54. They may cost only $1, but don't underestimate Magic Gloves.
55. There are exceptions to every rule.
56. Keep secrets.
57. "I Will" is not an original Alison Krauss song.
58. Not everyone's toes touch the ground.
59. In a pinch, a football field is a fine substitute for a campground.
60. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.
61. Smart is sexy.
62. Your car's side-view mirrors are there for a reason (and it's not to make driving on Juniper Creek Boulevard more exciting).
63. When filling out your March Madness tournament bracket, always pick at least one 12-seed to upset a 5-seed in the first round.
64. With AAA's "Plus" membership level your car can be towed up to 100 miles for free.
65. There's nothing wrong with giving someone a flashlight for Christmas, but maybe not every year.
66. Be supportive of your spouse.
67. It might take months or even years, but eventually wearing your wedding band will feel natural.
68. If you have an engineering degree, people will expect you to be an expert in everything from treadmill assembly to auto mechanics to HVAC repair.
69. A good test for whether you really understand something is whether you can explain it to someone in layman's terms.
70. You can't escape the implications of your birth order.
71. Things are just things. Don't get caught up in accumulating them.
72. Don't buy anything for yourself the month or so before Christmas.
73. It is what it is.
74. Paprika is the secret to many delicious recipes.
75. "Hot 'n' Now" roughly translates to "Pull in and order a half-dozen doughnuts and two chocolate milks."
76. The first two "Godfather" movies are the true classics.
77. If your Christmas tree is drinking a lot of water, that's a good sign -- it's still alive.
78. Live below your means.
79. No one's perfect. Be gracious.
80. If you want to read a book the public library doesn't own, you can submit a request and there's a good chance they'll buy it.
76. There's a fine line between realism and pessimism.
77. Do not make plans for Saturday mornings.
78. Remote controls can't work through wood cabinet doors.
79. If you're going to do something obnoxious (like go running on a golf course), don't wear a Kirby shirt.
80. It's no one else's job to make you happy.
81. Stephen Davey sets an almost impossibly high bar for pastors.
82. There's a big difference between "Star Trek" and "Star Wars."
83. Dr. Seuss was a dirty old man.
84. "Breakfast blend" coffees are reliably good.
85. It's fun to rock at Trivial Pursuit.
86. Remington Grill gives free refills of fries.
87. Treat other people as you want to be treated.
88. Trial by fire is the hardest but best way to learn.
89. The "dual" button on Matt's car's dashboard does not mean what I used to think it meant, and that explains why I never thought it was working.
90. Don't try to force the Bible to say something it doesn't say.
91. The concepts of opportunity cost and sunk cost have many practical applications.
92. Business management is a more versatile degree than mechanical engineering.
93. Always be on the lookout for lurking variables.
94. Students in real-estate licensing courses held on the weekends are, on average, smarter than those in the weekday courses (and there is a lurking variable there).
95. There's a Dremel accessory for nearly every task.
96. If the shirt fits, buy it in multiple colors.
97. When you're on the highway, running the AC is more fuel-efficient than rolling down the windows.
98. An engrossing TV show makes treadmill runs bearable.
99. Allergy treatments have really improved in the past 15 years.
100. If you intend to mix your birthday cake with ice cream, leave off the icing.

Happy birthday, babe. I love you!


Libba Lemon said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! We love you, love your friendship, love that we've had some special time with you this year.

Hope tonight was a fun celebration!

r8chel said...

What a great list, Jen!!

Gail said...

Happy belated birthday!!! When you and Jennifer have birthdays, I seem to feel a little older, but thats OK. I feel blessed to have been able to watch you guys grow into loving and wonderful adults.

Just a few comments on your list:
# 16,23,26,34,48,71 must be a husband thing. I've heard them all from Jeff.
#68 that includes putting charms on bracelets.
# 80, 90 - He is so right!!!