Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snap crackle pop

We had a little house drama over the weekend when a big section of granite broke in half while being installed in the kitchen. It was a huge slab and probably should have been in two pieces, but they were trying to avoid a seam.

Luckily, more of the same slab was in stock and it was installed (in two pieces, with a seam) the next day.

The bathroom granite went in without a hitch.

We happened to be there to watch some of this, and Lib, I have new respect for Jorge's strength. Granite is HEAVY!


Amanda said...

Sorry about your issues. That doesn't ROCK. Guess you won't take your counters for GRANITE. It looks MARBLELOUS though. 'Kay, I'm done.

jennifer said...

Very nice, daughter of Ken!

kloyd1953 said...

Yes, Amanda McKENzie has a sharp wit indeed. And Jennifer, your kitchen and bathroom were truly metamorphosed by the granite. (Can't blame Amanda; it's not her FAULT).
Love, Dad

Libba Lemon said...

Jorge is upset about the seam, but we're so glad they got it in and IT LOOKS GREAT! I know he'll be inspecting it next time we're there, and he'll bring all his polishing goodies. Can you believe how heavy it is!?

Libba Lemon said...
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jennifer said...

Matt's not happy about the seam either, but it is what it is. We weren't there to see it break, but Lanny was, and he told us it happened because one of the guys installing it just couldn't handle the weight. Oh well -- to my (untrained) eye, the seam is hardly noticeable!