Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kum Ba Yah

Last night in lieu of studying the Bible our Bible study had a cookout at a camp where three of our group's guys are current or former chiefs. It was fun -- perfect weather, hot dogs and marshmallows stuck on the end of a stick and burned over a fire, a darts competition, a walk through the woods to a lake, a cute baby and a cuddly cat, chitchat under a big sky.

We did NOT sing "Kum Ba Yah" while gathered 'round the campfire.

My personal favorite part was the way all of the guys showed up with their camping gear circa 2002 (or whenever they graduated from college). Two of them wore those headlamp things like you use for spelunking, and Matt actually carried his Leatherman and Maglite on his belt. Pretty much everyone wore the requisite fleece and Merrell hiking shoes. We were about 30 feet from our hosts' house. It was funny.

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kloyd1953 said...

Sounds like good fun. The Cameron Boys Camp is one of my favorite places and a great resource for Moore County.
Love, Dad